Chapter Vision

Greetings Brothers of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc., may this message find you in a Kappa Lambda Chi frame of mind.  As our Fraternity continues to grow and expand upon our leading objectives of Promoting Wisdom, Fidelity, and High Ambitions. As your Chapter President I want to share my vision with all of you and I will ask all of you to embrace this vision as it’s your own.  I strongly believe that this will make us stronger as brother’s and as a chapter. “Develop a Chapter that lives by the phrase "Leave No Brother Behind". This will happen by sharing our knowledge that we obtain with one another so we can grow both personally and professionally.  My goal is for every brother in Eta Chapter to be paired with a mentor. Throughout their Journey in ETA Chapter each member will be mentored until they are prepared to become a mentor.   We will go out to communities with open hands to give guidance and support where needed, also mentoring the children in our local school district and helping the teachers mold young men and women. Lastly be there for our local veterans and active duty military by assisting them at local facilities such as Dorn VA Medical Center, USO, Fort Jackson, Shaw AFB, and wherever else they might need our support.  Together we will Elevate ETA Chapter and Kappa Lambda Chi by Mentorship, Education, and the Promotion of Fidelity. As always it is a pleasure to speak with a member of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc. 

Very fraternally,


Ed Olmeda
Chapter President 
Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc.

"Imperium Sine Fine”