Chapter History

The inception of Eta Chapter Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc., was September 15, 2014. The initial chapter started with seven members; President Bernard “Ghost” Johnson, Vice President LaHarold “Da Law” Woodhouse, Secretary/Big Brother Darren “Antaeus” Cureton, Treasurer John “TGood” Wright, Sergeant at Arms/Historian Terry “Tyroc” Mickel Sr., Big Brother Elbert “Nuklon” Baltrip, and Chaplain Tony “Aztek” Minter. 


The first line of Eta Chapter, Alpha line which crossed the Burning Sands on November 23, 2014, had ten Brothers and one Eternal Lamp that entered the fold as LoCs: Adrian “Lamb” Hodges, Reginald “Dizzy” Lawton, Maurice "Skipp" Freeman, Phillip "E-Brooks" Nation, Kinzell "Dubose" Hendricks, Clarence "Grimsley" Burgess, Thessolonian "Deeds" Wright Jr., Hilliard "Swamp Fox" Garner II, Chris "J.A.B.S." Chavis, Salomon "Bowman" Simmons, and Terrance "Bull" Randolph (Eternal Lamp)


Today the men of Eta Chapter Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc., are following the dream of the three Sentinels: Sentinel William C. "Wild Bill" Dickey, Sentinel Sir Zachary "B.S.O.D." D.S. Wyatt II, and Sentinel James K. "Black Jack" Jackson. We are continuing to strive to accomplish our moto: IMPERIUM SINE FINE!