Kappa Lambda Chi Mission Statement

As a nonprofit and fraternal organization we provide veterans a life-long brotherhood and a role within the public to elevate local communities through a wide membership base with a programmatic emphasis on promoting education, mentoring youth and patriotism.

Kappa Lambda Chi Military Inc. was founded July 4, 2013 by three service members of impeccable character and integrity. Our Fraternity's profound objectives are Promotion of Fidelity, Development of Wisdom, and the Encouragement of High Ambition. Their vision was to create a Military Fraternity that taught, and mentored their members for the betterment of their local communities through outreach programs, military programs, and mentorship programs. Members of this esteem organization will continue to instill into the communities a sense of Unity, Love, Commitment and Pride. These qualities will ensure the ideas that Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. founders created will forever be cemented by present and future Lambda Men. 

Our membership is made up solely of Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, Retirees, and Veterans from all walks of life and all Branches of the United States Military. While our organization is extremely New, our growth potential is something that needs to be recognized. The Diversity, Professionalism, and Drive our organization brings to the table will remain paramount to the success of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc. for centuries to come.

As a resilient and prevailing alternative to collegiate Greekdom, we pride ourselves on the mutual respect and admiration that our brothers have for one another which can clearly be seen throughout our beloved fraternity. We embody such great military attributes as Honor and Integrity all the while focusing our efforts on the elevation of our communities, ourselves, and our brotherhood which combined serves as the basis of our fraternity.